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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The ‘five eyes’ governments don’t trust Lenovo – should you?

According to a report by the Australian Financial Review, governments from around the world including Australia, America, Great Britain, Canada, and New Zealand, a.k.a. the 'Five Eyes,' have banned their intelligence and defence departments from using computers designed by Chinese company Lenovo.
The report claims that the ban has been in place since 2005, the year that Lenovo acquired the PC arm of computer giant IBM. While the latter company continues to do business in servers and mainframes for governments, Lenovo has been dropped. It's been suggested that this is yet another aspect of the Prism revelations: since the five governments have been sharing information using the same classified networks, it's evidently essential that they all adopt the same security policies.
The justification for the ban is apparently as a result of intense security tests carried out on the computers which found vulnerabilities not only in the hardware, but also in the firmware. The study and subsequent ban pointed specifically to “malicious circuits” and firmware embedded in chipsets produced in Lenovo’s native China. The tests, carried out by MI5 and MI6, discovered the potential for backdoor access to the systems. This could effectively allow people with knowledge of the system to remotely access any device, without setting off any alarm bells. 
Reacting to the news, Lenovo dismissed the nearly decade-old ban by pointing out that the same governments still use their technology for unclassified networks. A spokesperson for Lenovo said that its products have "been found time and time again to be reliable and secure by our enterprise and public sector customers and we always welcome their engagement to ensure we are meeting their security needs”.
As reported in The Daily Telegraph, the UK Home Office has refused to divulge whether they make use of Lenovo products for the UK's secret networks. In a press statement, GCHQ said: “As a matter of policy we don’t routinely discuss the names or nature of suppliers to GCHQ on any aspect of our business”.
If you have concerns about computer security, you can help make your data more secure by using a VPN service. The VPN works as an additional layer of protection that stands between the data stored on your device and any external users attempting to access it.

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Best VPN Services for File Sharers, 2013

Private Encryption to Cloak Your Online Data Activity

If you are looking to privately download files, share files, and access streaming media, then these are the VPN providers you will want to consider. These services will cipher your downloads, uploads, emails, messages, and also manipulate your IP address so that you are effectively untraceable.

This list of VPN providers is in random order. This list is populated in part by About.com users who submit their suggestions and offer their personal reviews. If you wish to add to this list, you may submit a recommendation for a VPN service here.

Note on VPN speeds: expect your internet speed to be reduced by up to 75% while you are using your VPN. VPN speeds of 2 to 4 Mbps are common for cheaper VPN's. Speeds of 5 Mbps per second are good. VPN speeds over 15 Mbps are excellent.

Note on VPN encryption protocols: there are 3 common ciphering options for VPN's: OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP. For most desktop users, OpenVPN is the strongest encryption and fastest data transfer. However, L2TP may be an even better option than OpenVPN in two special circumstances: you want to use multiple mobile devices on your VPN; or if you live in a country with oppressive government rules on internet use (e.g. China, Egypt). While not as fast as OpenVPN, L2TP is difficult for authorities to block, and it generally offers more support for mobile devices.

1. PureVPN

Cost: $10.00/month; $50/year. Supports OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols. PureVPN also supports IKEvs2 protocol for BlackBerry. The servers are in 19 different countries, with no bandwidth limitations for premium subscribers. The price point is very compelling, and is much more affordable than most of its competitors.

PureVPN has won the affection of many users because of its very friendly software client and very economical price. You can split the tunneling, which is helpful for having encryption on specific parts of your web habits, while still using your regular network connection for others (gamers and downloaders will like this splitting feature). PureVPN does log bandwidth usage and your login durations, but deletes that information every 5 days. Speeds on Pure are in the 4 Mbps to 21 Mbps range, which averages faster than most other VPN's.

Visit their site: www.purevpn.com

2. Strong VPN

Cost: $20/month; $85/year. Good support for users in Asia. Offers L2TP and PPTP protocols.

Strong VPN is one of the more-expensive choices out there, but readers in Asia and the Pacific Rim say that Strong performs very well for them when compared to its competitors. The price point varies with your part of the world, but expect in the range of $20USD per month. The Strong VPN owners promise that there is no logging or scanning of their customers' data, and many readers recommend Strong. Try it for a month and let us know if Strong VPN works for you.

Visit their site: http://www.strongvpn.com

3. VyprVPN by Goldenfrog

Cost: $20/month; $240/year. Supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP protocols. Good support for mobile devices like iPhones and Android tablets.

VyprVPN is a quality VPN service, recently grown by several new servers in Europe and Asia. Users with iPads and Android devices will definitely appreciate the Vypr mobile VPN apps. Additionally, being an offshore company incorporated in the Bahamas, there is less likelihood of the Vypr server logs being examined under the US PATRIOT Act.

Visit their site: http://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn

4. IPVanish

Cost: $10/month; $78/year. Servers in 16 different countries make IPVanish an international presence. This service supports OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP (L2TP is harder for authorities to block, so it's a good protocol for people in countries where the government restricts internet use, like China and Egypt).

IPVanish is recommended by multiple readers at About.com. Not only does it have L2TP protocol for people in oppressive countries, the speeds for IPVanish are often over 10 Mbps. This service also supports simultaneous connections across multiple devices, so your Windows PC and your iPad can be encrypted at the same time.

While IPVanish does promise not to log any of its customers' data or online activity, the company does have offices in the USA. This makes them, unfortunately, open to PATRIOT Act investigation. Nonetheless, the service provides excellent speeds in a very user-friendly manner. Do consider evaluating IPVanish as you shop for a VPN service.

Visit their site: http://www.ipvanish.com

How To Set Up & Run a A VPN Client in Windows XP Pro

When you are working at your home office or in a remote location you may require resources that are available on your on-site computer or the corporate network such as printers. In Windows XP Pro edition, you can configure your computer to access your corporate network using VPN. This gives you the resources available from your corporate network from any location.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 10 Minutes

Here's How:

  1. The host computer running Windows' 2003 server must be set up before you can set up the client computer.
  2. Right-click on the Network Connections on your desktop.
  3. Click on create a new connection.
  4. You want to choose Connect to the network at my workplace and then click Next.
  5. Choose Virtual Private Network connection and then Next.
  6. You will now enter a name for your VPN connection. Use something like workoffice or officecomputer. Click Next.
  7. Choose Do not dial the initial connection and click Next.
  8. You will need to enter the IP address of the VPN server. Your company IT department will provide you with this information.
  9. Choose My use only and then click Next.
  10. You want to select the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop and then select Finish.
  11. Double-click the VPN icon on your desktop and login. You will get your user information from your IT department. You can now print and use files on the corporate network.


  1. Do not click the box "Save this User Name and Password for the following users". This saves your information on the hard drive, and if your computer is stolen you have enabled anyone to connect to your corporate VPN.
  2. Your company may require a proxy server to connect to the Web. You will have to change this setting in Internet Explorer. Check with your IT department first.

What You Need

  • Company VPN set up first.
  • IP address of server.
  • User login information.

10 Reasons to Use a VPN for Private Web Browsing

Why Personal Encryption and IP Manipulation Are Extremely Useful?

A virtual private network connection achieves two technical results: 1) a VPN cloaks and encrypts your signal, making your online activity completely illegible to any eavesdroppers, and 2) a VPN manipulates your IP address, making you appear to come from a different machine/location/country. While your VPN will slow down your connection speed by 25% - 50%, there are many good reasons to cloak your activities and change your IP address.

1. Use Public or Hotel Wi-Fi in Confidence

Use Public or Hotel Wi-Fi in ConfidenceMost people are unaware of this, but that Starbucks hotspot and that 10-dollar-a-day hotel wi-fi is not safe for confidential email and browsing. Public wi-fi offers no encryption security to its users, and your signals are broadcast for anyone savvy enough to eavesdrop. It's very easy for even a junior hacker to intercept your unencrypted wi-fi signal using an Evil Twin phony hotspot or a Firefox Tamper Data plugin. Public wi-fi is terribly insecure, and is perhaps the biggest reason why mobile users should consider spending the 15 dollars per month for the safety of a VPN connection.

If you log into a public wi-fi network, and then connect to a personal VPN, all of your hotspot web use will then be encrypted and hidden from prying eyes. If you are a traveler or a user who is regularly using public wireless, then a VPN is a very wise investment in privacy.

2. Access Full Netflix and Streaming Content from Outside the USA

Because of copyright agreements, Netflix and Hulu and Pandora and other streaming media providers cannot broadcast all content outside of the USA. This means: many movies and shows are blocked to users in the UK, Canada, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. This geographical enforcement is managed by reading your user login IP address, and tracing it to its country of origin.

By using a VPN service, you can manipulate your machine's IP address to be from within the USA, therein unlocking access to more Netflix and Pandora streams. You will need to configure your television movie player or mobile device to use the VPN connection, but if you are a streaming fan, then the effort and cost of a VPN is worth it.

3. Break Out of a Restrictive Network at Work/School

As an employee of a company, or a student at a school/university, you will be subject to an 'Acceptable Use' policy for browsing the Web. 'Acceptable Use' is often debatable, and many organizations will impose draconian restrictions, like blocking you from checking your Facebook page, visiting YouTube, reading Twitter, surfing Flickr, performing instant messaging, or even accessing your Gmail or Yahoo mail.

A VPN connection will allow you to 'tunnel out' of a restrictive network and connect to otherwise-restricted websites and webmail services. More importantly: your VPN browsing content is scrambled and indecipherable to the network administrator, so he cannot collect any recorded evidence about your specific web activities. About.com does not recommend violating Acceptable Use policies as a rule, but if you feel you have justifiable reasons for bypassing your specific network restrictions, then a VPN connection will help you.

4. Download and Upload P2P Files in Privacy

The MPAA and other cinema and music associations absolutely detest P2P file sharing. For reasons of both profit and legality, the MPAA and other authorities want to forbid users from sharing movies and music online. They nab offenders by masquerading as fellow file sharers, or by eavesdropping on your ISP signal.

A VPN can be a P2P user's best friend. While a VPN connection will slow your bandwidth by 25% - 50%, it will cipher your file downloads, uploads, and actual IP address so that you are unidentifiable by authorities. If you are a file sharer, and do not wish to risk copyright prosecution or civil lawsuits, definitely consider spending 15 dollars a month on a good VPN. The privacy and protection from surveillance is definitely worth it.

5. Bypass the Country's Web Censorship and Content Surveillance

In the same way 'Acceptable Use' policies are enforced at workplaces and schools, some nations choose to impose oppressive internet censoring on their entire countries. Egypt, Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Belarus are some examples of nations who surveil and limit access to the World Wide Web.

If you live in one of these restrictive countries, connecting to a VPN server will enable you to 'tunnel out' of the censorship restrictions and access the full World Wide Web. Simultaneously a VPN conceals your page-by-page activity from any government eavesdropping. As with all VPN connections, your bandwidth will be slower than uncloaked internet, but the freedom is absolutely worth it.

6. Cloak Your VOIP Phone Calls

Voice-over-IP (internet telephoning) is relatively easy to eavesdrop on. Even intermediate-level hackers can listen in to your VOIP calls. If you regularly use VOIP services like Skype, Lync, or online voice chatting, definitely consider implementing a VPN connection. The monthly cost will be higher, and the VOIP speed will be slower with a VPN, but personal privacy is invaluable.

7. Use Search Engines Without Having Your Searches Logged

Like it or not, Google, Bing, and other search engines will catalog every web search you perform. Your online search choices are then attached to your computer's IP address, and are subsequently used to customize advertising and future searches for your machine. This cataloging might seem unobtrusive and perhaps even useful, but it is also a risk for future public embarrassment and social faux pas.

Don't let Google store your searches for 'anti-depressants', 'love advice', 'divorce lawyers', and 'anger management'... consider getting a VPN and cloak your IP address so you can keep your private searches private.

8. Watch Home-Specific Broadcasts While You Are Traveling

Local network news can be rather dodgy in some countries, and access to your favorite streaming television, sports games, and video feeds can be locked out while you are away from your home country.

By employing a VPN tunnel connection, you can force your borrowed connection to access your home country as if you were physically there, therein enabling your favorite football feeds and TV and newscasts.

9. Avoid Reprisals and Traceback Because of Your Researching

Perhaps you are a celebrity, or you are an employee doing market research of your competition. Perhaps you are a reporter or writer who covers sensitive topics like war atrocities, violence against women, or human trafficking. Perhaps you are a law enforcement officer investigating cybercriminals. In any of these cases, it is in your best interests to make your computer untraceable to prevent reprisals.

A personal VPN connection is the best choice for manipulating your IP address and rendering you untraceable.

10. Because You Believe Privacy Is a Basic Right

All the above reasons notwithstanding, you are a firm believer in personal privacy and the right to broadcast and receive without being surveilled and catalogued by authorities. And that is perhaps the biggest philosophical reason you want to spend 15 dollars a month on a good VPN connection service.

Microsoft announces the destruction of almost 90% of Citadel malware bots worldwide

Back in June, we reported on Microsoft and the FBI working together to take down the financial malware Citadel. Over a month later, it looks like the partnership has more than paid off. Microsoft has reported that around 88 percent of botnets that were running the Citadel malware when the partnership was announced have now been disrupted, thanks to the company’s collaboration with the FBI and other technological and financial service partners. It’s also estimated that about 40 percent of Citadel-infected computers that were a part of these botnets have been cleaned of the infection, although Microsoft haven’t been very forthcoming with details of how exactly this was achieved.

Richard Domingues Boscovich, assistant general counsel for Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, posted a blog post towards the end of June claiming that Microsoft had identified around 1.3 million unique IP addresses that were connected to a ‘sinkhole’ system that the company had implemented, in order to replace the ‘command’ servers used by Citadel hackers.

After analysing IP addresses and user information sent by these computers when they connected to the sinkhole servers, Microsoft estimated that around 1.9 million computers were a part of the targeted botnets. The number may have even been higher given that multiple computers can connect via a single IP address. The company then began working with researchers and anti-malware organisations such as the Shadowserver Foundation in order to let victims know about the malware and work to remove it.

Although the partnership may sound positive so far, some security researchers have raised concerns about the way in which the companies chose to take down the botnets. A security researcher from the abuse.ch botnet tracking service has already criticised Microsoft for sending configuration files to computers that were infected with the malware, pointing out this amounts to modifying settings without the owner’s consent and is a potential violation of local law.

Although the FBI and Microsoft are coming down pretty heavily on the Citadel malware, there's still a lot of dangerous technology out there. A VPN service is an easy way to amplify your computer's defenses: the VPN adds an extra layer of protection to your computer to keep your connection more secure and your personal data private.

Top 10 vacation tips for security

Now that our users are looking forward to their summer vacations, it’s a good time to remind them to
keep private information private when they are on their laptops and mobile devices aboard. Here are some guidelines to keeping data safe while abroad.
  • Disable sharing of files
    On your home network, you might be sharing folders or complete hard-drives without password protection. Don’t forget to disable your shares or at least protect them with a strong password, otherwise everyone who is logged into the next public wifi hotspot will be able to download all your shared files and sensitive data.

  • Protect your files
    You can secure your network settings all you want, but that will not help if your notebook gets stolen. Data like passwords, billing information etc. should not be visible clear-type anywhere on your computer. Use tools like e.g. TrueCrypt to create encrypted and password-protected partitions or containers for your sensitive data!

  • Enough remaining VPN subscription time?
    If your going to protect your internet traffic with HMA! Pro VPN while you’re away (which we recommend you do!), then you don’t want to suddenly be unable to use it because your subscription has expired. Make sure to place a new order to have sufficient remaining VPN subscription time for your trip. Login to the VPN control panel now to check your subscription and place a new order.

  • Install all needed security software
    Better prepare your machine/device before you depart, so that you have all the latest updates and antivirus definitions installed. Do you have a proper firewall and antivirus software installed? What about other security-related software you’re usually using?

  • Prepare for possible connection issues
    Due to badly configured or restricted public hotspots or unknown networks it can happen that your usual method for connecting to the VPN won’t work. But don’t worry, that’s simply a matter of trying alternative VPN servers and protocols.

    For example if you are unable to connect to VPN servers from your favorite area, try to connect to servers from a different area. If you’re unable to connect with your favorite VPN protocol (e.g. OpenVPN-TCP), try PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN-UDP. See our Wiki for a list of connection methods and setup instructions.

  • Online storage for data you might need
    Instead of taking all the data you might possibly need with you, you can also easily store it somewhere secure, e.g. on cloud hosting services such as Dropbox or OwnCloud.

  • Make backups
    Just in case – make backups of all important data on your machine/device and store it somewhere secure at home. Protecting the data on your notebook does not help much if the notebook itself is gone.

  • Take backups
    Ever had to reinstall your operating system during vacation? Bad enough, even worse if you forgot your rescue CDs or operating system installation CDs. To be on the safe side, you should take backups of everything with you that might require a reinstallation or can’t be accessed from anywhere. There’s plenty of space on your USB sticks or DVDs for that!

  • Additional security measures
    We’ve now already covered the basic and common security measures that you should take, but there’s plenty of additional things you can do, for example
    • Setting up a BIOS password for your machine
    • Setting up anti-theft and auto-backup for iOS and Android devices, e.g. with Lookout
    • Delete your machines free space to prevent deleted data from getting restored
    • Move sensitive data that you won’t need during the trip from your notebook to your desktop computer

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to Watch Netflix in Germany - Nucleaus VPN

Special features of Netflix

Netflix has been the most popular choice among online users in order watch all type of popular TV shows and movies without spending much for the subscription fee. There are several aspects that are responsible for Netflix’s popularity. Here, you can easily watch thousands of DVDs with a lower membership charge. You do not have to face any sort of limitation in case of the number of movies that can be watched through the online system. This special service charges only $7.99 per month; therefore, users can easily sign up for any of the available package of Netflix. Moreover, there are more unique features available in the Netflix website. Accessibility is another positive aspect of Netflix as users do not have to face any sort of difficulties while surfing into the website. Besides, users can easily check out all sort of information of movies available into the website. Therefore, it becomes extremely easy for users to search out for their desired choice of movies in order to watch instantly. Moreover, Netflix has arranged all of their contents effectively as the company have separated all type of genres; therefore, users have got the chance of getting into their favorite genre of movies only.

Is it possible to watch Netflix from all over the world?

Netflix is basically offered for US citizens only. Though, it has recently extended the service into some of the Latin American countries along with Canada. Therefore, users from different parts of the world are not being able to access into the website as the company does not allow them to do so. Netflix only allows users from those countries where they have been providing services.

What are the options available for users to watch Netflix in Germany?

Netflix has recent launched their services in some of the European countries. Unfortunately, users will be able to get a limited edition of all the packages available in Netflix. Germany is one of those countries where Netflix has spread their services with a limited package. Therefore, users from this country will not get a chance to see all of their desired TV serials and movies while giving the same amount of subscription charge. However, many users have already tried some resources in order to get access of US Netflix as it offers all the exclusive and amazing features for the customers. Sources like IP address hiding tool and proxy services are not efficient enough to create an access into the US Netflix as the respective authorities are being able to detect those proxy IP addresses and block them immediately after being introduced into the website. Therefore, many users are still seeking for a solution in order to watch Netflix Germany.
There is another service available for the users in Germany through which they can easily make an entrance into the Netflix website. This special service is known as the virtual private network system. Through this service, users can create American IP addresses with the help of servers that are specifically located in US region in order to provide this service. Besides, VPN service will able to provide top notch online security and privacy for their customers whom will certainly help while surfing into a different type of restricted websites around the cyber space. Moreover, this specialized service has the capability of providing anonymity service for their users and this can certainly help in order to make the online outing much safer and comfortable than any other available services. Being an anonymous user, you can certainly browse anywhere in the cyber world without getting noticed by any third party resources along with hackers and spammers. It will help users while trying to provide access into Netflix as none of the network administrators will be able to detect your real identity in order to block your real IP address.

Best VPN service to watch Netflix in Germany:

If you look for a VPN service in order to watch Netflix Germany, there are both free and paid VPN service providers available in the market. Most of the free VPN service providers can not provide enough online security for their customers. Besides, they do not have the capability of providing full anonymity for users as it is one of the prime needs in order to protect personal information from hackers and spammers. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to sign up for a paid VPN service as it will provide all the essential features that are related to Internet service. Besides, you will be able to get proper online security system while using the Internet connection. In order to choose the best one, you should check out all the available and top VPN services in order to compare their services. You will have to verify their features as it should match your requirements.

Name of the Provider
Website Address
Hide My Ass
Strong VPN
Switch VPN
Pure VPN
IPVanish VPN
Hotspot Shield Elite

How to Watch Netflix in Hungary - Nucleaus VPN

Online entertainment service has been a revolution at present times. Millions of Internet users are
literally getting habituated with some of the exclusive features of this entertainment sector. Users nowadays prefer to spend their leisure time through surfing their profiles into those popular social media websites, listening to music from online music stores and watching movies from those live streaming websites. However, live streaming websites are one of the latest additions of online entertainment. Through using this service, users are now being able to watch their favorite movies and TV shows while using the Internet service. Besides, users do not have to spend much as the subscription charge for those special services. Therefore, the number of user of this amazing service is increasing at an impressive rate.

Amazing features of Netflix:

Netflix is one of the biggest online based DVD rental services around the cyber world. This unique service provider offers thousands of world famous movies along with TV shows with affordable rates in order to provide comfort for its customers. However, there are some exclusive features available through which Netflix is gaining much popularity than before. Users do not have to face any sort of problem while trying to get access into the website, and they can easily search out for their desired contents while surfing. Besides, the company offers the detailed information about all the available movies along with TV shows. All the movies and TV shows are being separated with their specific genres. Therefore, users do not have to spend much time for finding out their favorite genre of movies or TV shows. Moreover, this service is also compatible with most of the available devices like the personal computer, Laptop, Television that can be connected with the Internet service. However, smart phones such as Android, iPod touch, iPad and iPhone are also compatible with Netflix service. Nowadays, the service can be used with some of popular gaming consoles like Nintendo, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

Is it possible to get access in Netflix service from anywhere in the world?

Netflix was initially offered for US users only. With increasing demands, the company had to extend its services in some other countries as well. At present times, Netflix is serving in USA, some of the Latin American and European countries along with Canada. Except USA, any of the respective countries are not getting the full featured Netflix service. Therefore, users from those countries are not getting the chance of watching the unlimited number of movies and TV shows. The service provider has expressed its limitation through mentioning that, it is not getting possible for the company to broadcast all the available contents due to some legal issues. Therefore, users from those countries will have to wait in order to obtain all the features of Netflix service.

Netflix service in Hungary:

For users in Hungary, Netflix is only available with limited edition. It is disappointing as there thousands of Internet users present in Hungary whose are looking for the full featured Netflix service. However, users can only get this opportunity through obtaining an IP address of US region, and it will not be possible for them while living in Hungary.

How can users in Hungary watch Netflix?

Many users in Hungary have already tried out some resources in order to sort out their issues related to the Internet service. Unfortunately, any of the available resources in the cyber space can not provide an adequate level of accessibility in the cyber world. Most of the time, these options like the IP address hiding tools, DNS changing tools and proxy servers do not have the functional capability to create access into the geo restricted websites like Hulu or Netflix. These services get easily detected and blocked down by the respective network administrators of the Netflix service after being introduced. So, it is not worthy to use these sources when it comes about proper accessibility and online security. However, the best possible service available for users in Hungary is to use the VPN service. This service can create an opportunity for users in case of accessing into the website like Netflix without letting them faced any sort of trouble. VPN usually works through creating the IP addresses from different locations in order to provide better flexibility for users.
This will certainly help while trying to create an access into the geo restricted websites as the authorities will not be able to detect their real identities in order to block them down. VPN service can also provide an anonymity service for their customers through which anyone will be able to hide out their presence in the cyber world without getting notified by the authorities. Besides, this feature will certainly help in case of protecting personal information from those spammers and hackers while surfing randomly in the Internet world. Moreover, VPN also uses a secured encryption system through all the data packets can transfer while using the tunneling system.
Therefore, users will be able to protect any of information while using the Internet service from those publicly placed Wi-Fi hotspots. There are two types of VPN services available. Free VPN services do not provide an adequate level service as users may prefer to have. Besides, they do not offer the absolute anonymity service while surfing randomly in the cyber world. However, the best possible option is to use the paid version of VPN service providers as it can offer all the essential features related to the Internet service. Besides, this paid version of VPN service has the ability work efficiently with all the protocol systems and devices. Moreover, it can support all the operating systems such as the Linux, Mac OS X and Windows in an appropriate fashion. More importantly, users will be able to get the optimum level of connection speed as it will be crucial while using the Internet service comfortably and watching those live streaming videos from Netflix.

Best VPN service in Hungary:
Users in Hungary do have several options in case of VPN service. There are different types of VPN service providers present for users in Hungary. It is particularly important to select a VPN service that can provide all the important features related to the Internet security and accessibility. Therefore, users can check out the list of 5 top VPN service providers that have been mentioned here in order to obtain all the features.

Name of the Provider
Website Address
Hide My Ass
Strong VPN
Switch VPN
Pure VPN
IPVanish VPN
Hotspot Shield Elite

Best VPN for Android Tablets - Why use VPN on Android and How to use vpn?

VPN for Android TabletsWhy use VPN on Android Tablets. How to setup vpn on Android? The best vpn service for Android. Unblock sites, bypass webfilters, watch Hulu and Netflix abroad with VPN Account.

Android tables are extremely popular today. People all over the world use tablet PC to be mobile and be connected to the Internet at the same time. Mostly we use public Wi-Fi on mobile devices and this can be very unsafe due to low security in such networks. If you want to protect your personal and business data you must care about your Internet safety and security.

VPN for android tablets

It is the best solution for your Internet security. It helps to keep your data safe and avoid any Internet block.

Android VPN is a virtual private network between your android to vpn server. It hidess real ip address and lets to change it to USA, Canadian, European or another.
If you want to hide real IP address, unblock sites, bypass Internet filters then VPN for android tablets is a perfect tool to avoid all these problems.

There are many different vpn services today and you can select the best for you depending on your real needs. For example with USA vpn you can watch Hulu and access Netflix outside the United States, get US IP abroad, listen to Pandora, watch USA TV overseas, and get an access to USA only staff.

To use vpn account on your android you do not need to setup any special application for Android VPN. You can make a vpn connection using standard tools.

To create a new vpn connection on your android you can do the next:

1.   Select Home > Menu, and tap Settings
2.   Select Wireless & networks item > VPN settings.
3.   Then click Add VPN
4.   Select VPN type
5.   Input your VPN account data: VPN name (you chose it yourself), VPN server address, your vpn login and password that you received from VPN account service in e-mail.

That is all – your vpn connection is ready.
After that every time you wish to connect to the internet you need to do the following:

1.   Select Home > Menu > Settings
2.   Tap Wireless & networks
3.   Tap VPN settings
4.   The VPN connections you have added are present in the list
5.   Tap the VPN you wish to connect to (VPN Account)
6.   A dialog box will open asking for your credentials, enter them and click connect

Android VPN can help you to bypass Internet filters like barracuda and others, avoid IP blocks because your real IP address is hidden under the vpn. VPN is your security and privacy.

VPN account can be used not only on android tablets but on any other device that supports vpn technology as well.

How to Watch Netflix in Indonesia - Nucleaus VPN

http://hidemyass.com/vpn/r4662Internet usability has been a significant issue in some of the specified countries around the globe.
Several countries have already implemented the Internet censorship in order to prevent users from accessing into those popular websites around the cyber world. The respective governments of those particular countries have implemented this Internet service restriction law in order to restrict users from accessing into those unwanted websites that contain pornographic contents, controversial political and religious issues. These particular governments are pretty much concerned about their countries reputations. In order to avoid any sort of unwanted incidence, the respective governments have set up the filtering system in order to track down all the Internet users around their countries. Therefore, users are not getting the chance of using their favorite websites along with popular web applications.

Watch Netflix in Indonesia- Internet censorship is literally at its peak in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of those Asian countries where the Internet censorship has been implemented strongly in order to prevent users from accessing into the cyber world. The respective authority of the government has already set up a filtering system in order to track down every Internet users in this country. However, Internet censorship has been activated in order to restrict users from surfing into those particular websites that contain illegal contents like pornography, controversial religious and political issues. The government of Indonesia is pretty much concerned about the reputation; therefore, it does not want prefer to face any sort of awkward situation. However, users from this country are not getting the chance of surfing freely into the cyber space. Most of the popular websites and web applications are completely blocked down in Indonesia.

http://hidemyass.com/vpn/r4662Watch Netflix in Indonesia - What is Netflix?

Netflix is one of the popular live streaming websites where users can get the chance of watching thousands of popular movies and TV shows without spending much as the subscription charge. However, this service is also known for their impressive online based DVD rental services from which users can rent thousands of DVDs through using the Internet service. Netflix service has been so popular due to some special features for their customers. Users can get access into the website of Netflix without facing any sort of difficulties. Besides, the website is properly managed; therefore, users do not have to spend much time to find their definite contents while surfing. Moreover, this service is compatible with most of the popular devices such as the personal computer, Laptop, Television that can be connected with the Internet service.
Nowadays, Netflix can be activated from smart phones like iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. More interestingly, gaming consoles like Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo and Wii are eligible for using this Netflix service. However, the company is serving their different packages with affordable rates in order to make it more flexible for the customers. Netflix is mainly serving all the features in USA only. Besides, some of the Latin American and European countries along with Canada are also in the list of Netflix service. Unfortunately, users from those particular countries are not getting the full featured Netflix service due to some legal obligations. Therefore, it is not getting possible for those users to watch the unlimited number ofTV serials and movies while paying the similar amount of subscription charge.

Watch Netflix in Indonesia - Why users in Indonesia do not get the chance of watching Netflix?

Indonesia is not in the list of Netflix service. Even though thousands of Internet users of this country are willing to get the service of Netflix in order to watch their favorite movies and TV shows, it is not getting possible as they don’t have permission from those respective authorities of the website. To get access into the Netflix service, users will need to obtain the IP address of those countries where the service is activated. Therefore, it is not getting possible for users in Indonesia as they can not get those IP addresses.

Watch Netflix in Indonesia - How users from Indonesia can sort out their issues related to Netflix service?

There are not many solutions present for users in Indonesia to sort out their issues related to the Internet service. Many users from this country have already applied most of the popular sources like the web proxy services, DNS changing tools and IP address hiding software. In most of the incidences, these services could not provide an adequate level of support whenever users have tried to create access into those restricted websites like Netflix. Besides, these sources do get easily detected and restricted by the authorities of Netflix website. In order to omit all the issues, it is wise worthy to choose the VPN service as it can provide all the important aspects related to the Internet service.
This unique service provider does have the ability to create a condition through which all sorts of restrictions related to the Internet service can be avoided in an efficient manner. However, VPN service usually functions through producing the IP addresses from different locations according the company’s servers availability. With the help of this service, users in Indonesia can certainly hide out their online presence through masking with the new produced IP addresses. Through this manner, no one will be able to detect their real identities by the authorities of Netflix website. Apart from the accessibility, VPN can also provide the high class online privacy and security system for their customers in Indonesia. Therefore, users from this country will not have to get worried for the personal databases while surfing randomly in the cyber world.
Moreover, VPN also provide another important feature which is known as the anonymity service. Through activating this unique feature, users will be able to browse anywhere in the Internet world without getting noticed by the network administrators or the hackers along with spammers. More importantly, VPN also offers a secured encryption system from which all sorts of data packets can transfer while using the tunneling system. However, users do offer with free and paid version of VPN services. It is a matter of fact that, all the free VPN services can not provide the level of services that everyone does expect while surfing into the restricted zone of the cyber space. Therefore, it is being possible for them to surf anywhere in the cyber world without getting cautious for being hacked or spammed by those online frauds. Besides, all these paid VPN services do support all the popular devices along with the protocol systems in order to make it more flexible. Moreover, these VPN services have the capability of supporting all the operating systems in an efficient manner. Finally, users can feel comfortable while using the paid VPN service as it offers a good bandwidth speed while surfing into those popular websites and watching all the popular video contents from Netflix.
Watch Netflix in Indonesia -Top charted VPN service provider in Indonesia:
It is important for users in Indonesia to look out for a VPN service that can not only bypass all the Internet related restriction, but also offers the top level of online security and privacy. Therefore are several VPN services available for them in order to choose the possible ones. However, users can check out this list of top 5 VPN service providers as they are extremely popular all around the world due to their outstanding quality services.

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Website Address
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Strong VPN
Switch VPN
Pure VPN
IPVanish VPN
Hotspot Shield Elite

How to Watch Netflix in Italy - Nucleaus VPN

Watch Netflix in Italy

Online entertainment has been changing at a decent rate, and there are more new services are including in the cyber world so that users can easily pass their free time while experiencing these amazing services. However, online DVD rental service is the newest and popular forms of online entertainment and many users around the world have showed greater interest to obtain this special service. Netflix is the most popular choice in the sector of DVD rental services through the online system. There are several factors that have made Netflix more popular service than others. First factor will be the availability of thousands of popular movies and TV serials and let users watching them instantly. Besides, the company has offered all of their packages within an affordable range. Therefore, more users are showing their interest in order to subscribe for a specific package of Netflix.

Watch Netflix in Italy - Can users watch Netflix in Italy?

Netflix has been offered in some of the countries around the globe. Besides, users from those countries except USA are not getting a chance of using the full featured Netflix service. The company has offered a limited edition of service for those respective countries. Therefore, users are being able to watch limited number of popular movies along with TV serials where all the episodes are not being presented. However, Netflix is trying to extend their services in different parts of the world as they pretty much aware of the demand of Netflix service.
However, Netflix has recently launched their limited services in European countries and Italy is one of the countries where users will be able to use this amazing service. Though, many users have expressed their disappointed as they are not allowed to have all the features of Netflix service that usually gets by the US citizens.  For this reason, users are still wondering on how to watch Netflix in Italy as it is not possible to get an American IP address while staying to their own country. Even though, many users have already tried accessing into the full featured website of Netflix while using some resources in the cyber space. Resources like IP address hiding software and Proxy services are not good enough to watch Netflix in Italy through which they can use all the features along with unlimited number of movies and TV shows to watch for. Therefore, it still remains a question for those users as they do not have any idea on how to watch Netflix in Italy while getting all of the popular features.

Watch Netflix in Italy - VPN service for watching Netflix Italy

There are another option presents for those users whose are seeking for a solution of watching Netflix. This unique and amazing service can certainly provide access into Netflix website without getting blocked by the respective authorities of Netflix website. This unique solution is known as the virtual private network service. Through this amazing service, users can easily create an American IP address with the help of definite server that locates in the US region. Besides, VPN service can provide high class performance in case of online privacy and security for their customers. Therefore, you can easily get into any of the websites without getting concerned of hacking down by some hackers. Through a VPN service, you will be able to get anonymity power. This will certainly help while accessing into random websites around the cyber world, and no one will be able to detect your online presence at any time.


Watch Netflix in Italy - Best VPN service provider to watch Netflix Italy

If you are willing to get all the features of Netflix service, you will have to get a paid VPN service for sure. All of the free VPN service providers can not provide enough online security for their customers. Besides, many of them are not compatible with all of the popular protocol systems and devices. Therefore, it will be much better decision if you can sign up for a paid version of VPN service as they will provide all the available features that will need while using the Internet service. Besides, they will help you while trying to get access into those geo-restricted websites like Netflix whenever you will try to get into the websites. You should look for a VPN service that can provide all the essential features along with good security system. Besides, you will have to check out their compatibility with other devices and operating systems as it will be an important issue while trying to watch live streaming videos from Netflix website. Besides, you will need to check whether the bandwidth speed of your preferred VPN service is good enough to watch all those popular movies instantly.

Name of the Provider
Website Address
Hide My Ass
Strong VPN
Switch VPN
Pure VPN
IPVanish VPN
Hotspot Shield Elite